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Garden Salads & Homemade Salads
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All of our Garden Salads are made to order.

Garden Salads
Caesar Salad
Croutons,Romaine Lettuce, Fresh Grated Locatelli
Small: $5.99 Large: $8.99

Dinner Salad
Iceberg Lettuce, Tomato and Onions
Small: $5.99 Large: $8.99

Iceberg Wedge
Wedge of Lettuce, Tomato and Onions
Small: $5.99Large: $8.99

Antipasta Salad
Ham, Provolone Cheese, Pepperoni, Genoa Salami with Cracked Sicilian Olives and Kalamata Olives on a bed of Romaine Lettuce
Small: $5.99 Large: $8.99

Chef Salad
Turkey, Ham, American Cheese, Iceberg lettuce, Tomato and Onions
Small: $5.99 Large: $8.99

Sicilan Tuna Salad
Generous Portion of Tuna packed in Olive Oil on a bed of Romaine Lettuce, Tomato & Croutons
Small: $5.99 Large: $8.99

Chicken Salad, Salad
Generous Portion of Chicken Salad, Romaine Lettuce, Tomatos and Croutons.
Small: $5.99 Large: $8.99
*Creamy Italian* French* Ranch* Balsamic Vinegrette or Red Wine Vinegar* Olive Oil

Homemade Side Salads
Potato Salad $5.99 lb
Pasta Salad $5.99 lb
Fresh Mozzarella & Tomato Salad $8.99 lb
Macaroni Salad $5.99 lb
Roasted Peppers $5.99lb
Sicilian Olive Salad $10.99 lb
Pepper Shooters $10.99 lb
Fresh Mozzarella Salad $8.99 lb
Roasted Long Hot Peppers $10.99 lb
Sicilian Olives Stuffed with Prosciutto $10.99lb
Sicilian Olives Stuffed with Sharp Provolone $10.99lb
1 Size Fits All
$3.00 each
Made to Order with Our Special Cannoli Cream "Best in the County"

The Sicilian Deli* 735 Mantua Pike (Route 45), Suite 1* Woodbury * NJ * 08096 Telephone* 856-251-0556 & 856-251-0602